Episode 9: A Love Letter

Demons prey on weakness. They rest in the crevices of our hearts we don't allow anyone else to see.   In the final stages of preparation, Saatchi scra...View Details

Time is ticking. Ren's soul is dangerously close to getting trapped in the spirit world forever. Saatchi must come face to face with the snake demon h...View Details

Saatchi and Ren snoop around the Rui mansion only to discover that they're not the only ones trying to escape the snake demon. It's time for the duo t...View Details

Saatchi's starting to get the hang of rituals, although hers are a bit more freestyle. She's getting closer - to her mystical energy, babaylan magic, ...View Details

With too many spirits wanting to make an appearance and introduce themselves, it's getting harder to tell the difference between reality and the spiri...View Details

Saatchi moves in to Ren's mansion and gets a taste of the life of the 1%. But it doesn't seem like everyone's happy with her arrival, especially Ren's...View Details

Although Saatchi finally gets some answers, she falls even deeper into the world of the unknown. Suddenly, there's all these hypnotic chants, spells, ...View Details

There's too many questions.  Who is Ren and why does he keep on saying he's been greeted by a spirit? How much does Sister Starla know about the ones ...View Details

20-year old Filipino-Canadian Saatchi Brilliante is on the hunt for another part-time job to pay for school. Soon, Saatchi finds herself with a side h...View Details

Introducing: Lost Shaman

Here you’ll find mystical salons, serpent demons, shaman side gigs, family feels, broke student vibes, throwbacks to classic Filipino folklore, and lo...View Details

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